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The Magic In Me journal will be available in the Lady Laldy online store later this year

This journal is designed to help children develop their imagination and reflect on the special things that make them uniquely who they are inside. It allows them to explore their emotions, thoughts, ideas, and what they need to feel happy and safe. It also includes points of reflection on a global scale.

Each page offers a conversation starter that can be expanded on in dialogue with a friend, sibling or care giver. Alternatively, this journal can be completed independently.


Suitable for children aged 7 to 10 years old. Younger children could also use this journal with guidance from an adult.

Lady Laldy holding page background - 05.

“Bought two of the Magic In Me journals for my children and they are amazing! Thank you so much for such beautiful and thoughtful books.”

Willow Michelle Clover


Lady Laldy holding page background - 05.

“The Magic In Me journal is very interactive and makes kids get focused and have purpose in life.”

Arthur Mudendus

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Why I created this journal

While training to be a teacher, I was highly driven to find ways to address children's emotional development, so that they could truly thrive in their schooling. My fellow trainees and I were regularly told by lecturers how important emotional development is and the impact it has on a child's ability to learn, but they never actually taught us how to enhance emotional literacy.


I made it my mission to undertake in-depth research on this subject and used my findings to design a curriculum to simultaneously develop both the children’s emotional literacy, as well as the teachers who delivered this curriculum. One gap I had identified was that without a teacher addressing their own emotional literacy, they would be limited in how successful they could be at developing their students' emotional literacy. As a passionate creative, the curriculum focused on using the arts to effectively channel and express emotions.  


The Magic In Me journal draws on this research, combining creativity with thought-provoking questions to aid children in their own journey of self-discovery. With so much emphasis placed on targets and test scores, in the standard school setting, there is little room for children to be imaginative and reflect on who they are inside. Magic In Me is a framework for children to do exactly this and serves as a tool for better understanding themselves. The pages are printed in full colour so that no child will feel daunted by a blank page; anything they add to the page will only enhance the base design.