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Oracle card readings

Bookings for oracle card readings are currently available online only, due to lockdown restrictions.


Please email for more info and to book a reading.



What is an oracle card reading?

Oracle card readings are a lovely way of creating the opportunity to reconnect to an inner place of calm and joy within ourselves that is ever-present, helping to restore a feeling of alignment.


Sometimes we can get burdened by the demands of daily life and feel disconnected from our true self. If we are stressed or anxious, it makes it harder to hear our guiding voice within.


Oracle cards are like an access door to the heart, creating a clear line of communication with the energy of The Universe. The messages they bring always come from a place of pure love.


What makes these readings different?

Working intuitively, each individual reading draws on a wide range of beautifully illustrated oracle card decks that include energy cards, totem animals, angels and ancestors cards.

I do not use any set layouts or follow any patterns. Every reading is completely unique and what unfolds is as much a surprise to me as the person I am reading for.


When I read for you, it is my preference to know as little as possible about your personal background or current life circumstances, so that we approach the reading without any preconceived ideas.

The information uncovered will be applicable to the present time and help bring you into alignment with your true self and The Universe.


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“Thank you for that very special reading! I cannot recommend this lady enough. A major part of my personality is a sarcastic sceptic, however there was nothing to be sceptical about my reading. We laughed, I cried, at the end I felt lighter and better guided on my path. There was no nonsense. It was all good! Contact Amy if you want a quality reading.”

Katy Hamer 


Code of practice

These readings do not predict the future, they are not Tarot readings, nor are they 'magic'. It is my belief that we all have free will and the power to shape our future however we choose, so predicting the future is not something I would ever wish to do. Everything in these readings will be relevant to the present moment to help empower you on your path.

We are working with the collective energy of The Universe that all living things are part of. This life force energy is an abundant source of strength, power, pure joy and positivity. By our very existence, we all have that energy within us. 

Readings will not be given to anyone who has been under the influence of alcohol or any mind-altering illegal drugs. I reserve the right to refuse to give a booked reading if it is apparent that the client is not sober.  

It is common for clients to feel emotional when a message resonates on a deep level. This is perfectly normal and a very healthy way of your body releasing. 

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"My mum encouraged me to use totem animal medicine cards and oracle cards from the age of 9, so they have been part of my life since childhood.


Giving intuitive readings brings a level of joy that is indescribable. It is so beautiful to see people connect with their true voice inside and that of the Universe, with oracle cards facilitating that connection."