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Magical Soul


Create a life you love

Did you know that you're a powerful creator?

In each and every moment you are creating and shaping your present and future.

You get to choose how you feel, what you want to achieve, and how you want your life to be. 

Sometimes we forget how truly powerful we are.

Sometimes we lose sight of our true self.

Sometimes the layers of daily life can weigh on us.


Would you like to unlock your inner power, enhance your wellbeing, and align with your true self?



Designed with love 

Every product in the Lady Laldy range has been created with heart and soul to uplift, inspire and bring alignment with your true self.

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Time to thrive

A variety of services are available to enhance wellbeing, raise energy levels, and help you find

clarity, focus and purpose,

to be the best version of you. 

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Grow within

Explore new aspects of yourself as you embrace new learning opportunities to expand your

mind, cherish your body,

and light up your soul. 

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Are you ready to thrive?

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"You hold within you all the answers you will ever need to live the kind of life you've been dreaming of.  
Lady Laldy has a wealth of resources, services and products to help you unlock those answers within, so you can create a life that excites you."
Amy Murray
Creator of Lady Laldy

Your invitation to thrive

Welcome home Magical Soul!


What a pleasure it is to have you here at Lady Laldy.


In this very moment, you're invited to embark on an exciting journey of discovery, growth, healing, connection and expansion. You didn't stumble across this by chance. You are exactly where you're meant to be, at exactly the right time.

Laldy is a Scottish word meaning ‘give it gusto’, give it everything you’ve got. It's a mantra to live life by and the perfect name for this wellbeing brand that's calling you to thrive at life.

Will you accept your invitation to embrace a way of doing life where you're thriving and shaping a future that you love?