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Lady Laldy®

Sharing the journey together


Hello there!

I'm Amy Murray, the creator of Lady Laldy. It fills me with so much joy that you are here with me, as we embrace this journey together.

I can honestly say that this wellbeing brand is my heartsong calling in life. To be here today sharing this uplifting collection of teachings, ideas and creations with you, in my beloved Lady Laldy community, is a dream come true.


Find a way

There was a time when I had absolutely no idea how I was going to make this happen, I just knew I needed to find a way. Lady Laldy sung to my heart for many years before taking the form you find it in today. It has by no means been an easy journey but it has certainly been worth the effort and persevering against the odds. From the seed of the idea, with just having the brand name and vision for the logo, the next six years were spent every so often jotting down ideas of things to design and write that would one day feature in the Lady Laldy collection.


Ready to be seen


On 22 April 2019, I finally embraced launching the brand on social media and started making products related to wellbeing. From here, it actually took me over a year to finally commit to designing this website. I realised that I was hiding away from the world and not ready to be seen. Is this something you can relate to? If so, I totally feel you beautiful soul. Overcoming this fear and addressing my limiting beliefs was integral to moving forward and living the way I had dreamt of for so long. Initially, I thought I'd solely be creating products to sell online, happily out of sight. Little did I know what would unfold once stepping out from hiding!

Wellbeing mindset

As someone who has worked through countless periods of depression and anxiety since my teens, together with experiencing intense chronic pain and multiple health conditions and surgeries that began in my late twenties, my personal wellbeing journey has been rather eventful.


In my quest to find ways of calming my body internally, to promote my own healing, I became more and more focused on looking at mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing as one; all four need to be in harmony to truly thrive. Our bodies are always talking to us, giving us useful information to keep us safe and help us stay alive. When we ignore the messages our body is relaying to us, and we keep on pushing forwards regardless, that's when our health starts to be impacted. 


Gratitude for all that was, is, and will be

I am genuinely grateful for the past challenges I have experienced emotionally, physically and mentally. Without those experiences, I would not have become the person I am today and you most definitely wouldn't be reading this now. Each situation was a learning gift for me to grow, understand life in new ways, and become a stronger, more compassionate and connected version of myself. 

The magic moment


Over many years, my interest in all things wellbeing has continued to grow and my enthusiasm for wellbeing practices radiates to others. After committing to creating the Lady Laldy product line, I was given the opportunity to showcase my creations at the debut Wellbeing By The Lakes Festival, in September 2019.


This experience was life-changing, in completely unexpected ways. It was here that I embraced doing public card readings for the first time and also realised that I wanted to pursue training to be a wellbeing coach. Seven days later, I was signed up to start training on the Energy 4 Life Wellness Coaching Programme, which was the catalyst for further positive life changes.

"The magic moment is the moment when a 'yes' or 'no' can change the whole of our existence."



Truly magical people have come into my life who've taught me new ways of building a relationship with myself and my body, changing my energy flow and showing me alternative ways to view and experience life. I have eternal gratitude to Nikoleta Žolnerová, Shola Caroline Arewa, Barbara Edwards and Paul Scadding for everything they taught me so that I could transform my life, and for their unwavering encouragement and belief in me.


Special thanks goes to my Mumma Bear, Shirley Murray, for raising me to understand how to connect with the collective energy we are all part of and for giving me guidance to help me develop the gifts I can now share with so many people, through Lady Laldy.

Still on the journey

Along the way, I've learnt from others and developed my own unique ways of enhancing wellbeing too. The sum total of this learning to date can now be shared with you through Lady Laldy to support you in your own journey. As we ride the waves of life, there will be times of pain and challenges to overcome. It is in those times it's crucial to remember that while we might not be able to change some of these situations, we always have choices about how we respond to them and what learning gifts we choose to take from each of our experiences. Just like you, my journey is still unfolding and will continue to do so every single day of my future. I'm so excited to see what we can discover together.

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Laldy is a Scottish word meaning 'give it gusto',

give it everything you've got.

How Lady Laldy came to be

I first heard the word used by a lovely Scotsman I used to work with, while sharing general chit chat in the office kitchen. Dave explained it’s a Scottish word meaning to give it gusto, give it everything you’ve got. I knew in that very moment I would one day have a business called Lady Laldy with swirly Ys in the logo.

Honouring my Scottish roots on my maternal side of the family, this is the perfect name for my soul-filled creative endeavours.

My desire to help others feel connected and empowered has formed the foundation of this business. I believe that it is possible to bring healing through many different forms and one of my ways to do this is by sharing my creativity.

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"I'm a passionate, creative free spirit with a huge loving heart and a genuine desire to help others live a life they love."

A little about me...

In terms of my professional accomplishments, I am a fully-qualified teacher, Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach, Access Bars® Practitioner, Access Energetic Facelift TM Practitioner and intuitive oracle card reader. I have taught both children and adults in a wide range of environments and locations, including supporting student development at Brock University (Ontario, Canada) and creating training resources for postgraduate level.


As a Master of Education postgraduate back in 2007, I specialised in researching emotional development and created a curriculum designed to enhance emotional literacy, in both students and their teachers. Without knowing it at the time, this was laying the foundation for the Lady Laldy courses, books and product range that exists today.


I'm also a professional copywriter, branding and communications specialist, and graphic designer. In nine-to-five contracted employment, I have worked as the Head of Branding for a global audio brand and a thriving refurbished tech company, both based in the UK. 

Given my professional background, for many years I was very reluctant to publicly share how I work intuitively with oracle card readings, through fear of what others might think of me. As it turned out, I was holding myself back for nothing, as everyone has been incredibly supportive of this venture and my only regret is not doing it sooner.

My Mum encouraged me to use totem animal medicine cards and oracle cards from the age of 9, so they have been part of my life since childhood. Since then, I'd happily give readings to friends and use them personally, but I was fearful of anyone who I worked with in a corporate environment viewing me differently. With the help of two dear friends, Naz and Nikoleta, and a magical nudge from The Universe, I finally embraced this gift to offer public readings at the inaugural Wellbeing By The Lakes Festival in 2019 . I can honestly say that giving intuitive card readings brings a level of joy that is indescribable. It is so beautiful to see people connect with their true voice inside and that of The Universe, with oracle cards facilitating that connection.

So that's a little about me. It's been a colourful journey through life so far and I look forward to seeing how new experiences and life lessons help shape future Lady Laldy offerings.


May everything you find here bring love and light into your world and remind you that you are a powerful soul with abundant life force energy, capable of real magic if you allow true self to shine brightly.